Hurricane Harvey – Healing Through Creativity, A Haiku Collaboration

Here in the Texas Gulf Coast region, one of the ways writers and poets are dealing with their experiences from the recent hurricane activity is by putting pen to paper and fingers to keys. As a press dedicated to encouraging the art of writing, the gift of self-expression, and the goal of collaboration, we took up the call to collect these cathartic words via a community project called “Hurricane Harvey – Healing Through Creativity.”

Below, in random order, are the incredible Harvey-inspired haikus that were cultivate by Texas Gulf Coast writers. Take your time to sit with them, ponder them, and walk a haiku in the shoes of someone that felt the effects of this devastating hurricane and tropical storm system. Thank you to all who submitted these bite-sized poems that pack such a powerful punch.



Water did not wash
But left behind foul debris
And our grateful hearts.

Rebecca Nolen


Write your name in black
On your arm with a sharpie
Hurricane tattoo

Holly Walrath


dark, dank creeping sludge
slowly, insidiously
redesigns my life

Harriet Riley


Impersonal hotels
Can’t replace a water-logged home
And memories now dissolved

Melissa Huckabay


Dogs sheltered from storm.
In my care while owners grieve.
Reunions are joy.

Todd Galbraith


Rising water stills
lurking one inch from my door.
You may not come in.

Leslie Archibald


Destruction heartbreak
Hope arrives on waves of love
In flat-bottomed boats

Celeste Budwit-Hunter


Wind, rain, pouring down
Much loss; homes, cars, memories
Helping hands bring hope

Fern Brady



Unexpected guest
who stays beyond its welcome,
and no rabbit ears.

David Welling


Rain falls in torment
Houston’s heart will overflow
Sky, take back your tears

D. Marie Prokop


Lives swept with the rain,
starting again from zero.
United we heal.

Vanessa Caraveo


The hurricane came
But so did the rescuers
Faith in humanity

Virginia Kohl


Disaster unfolds
Counting the sodden stories
Only my eyes wet

KL Forslund


Hurricane Harvey,
we did underestimate,
now rains its revenge.

Claire Hart-Palumbo


Danger plus beauty
like a spider in its lair
nature, deceptive

John Cryar


People’s nerves are raw
I cried over strangers’ trash
Will insurance pay?

Sabrina Eads


Harvey. Drowned our song.
Hope floats. Love pounds through the throng.
We are Texas strong.

C.A. Kindred



We shelter in place
Here on Maroneal Island
Will the rain please end?

Lucie Shipp Tredennick


We will get through this.
Everything happens, you know
you can start again.

Laurie Polomsky


We are not drowned by
Twenty-one trillion gallons
We are Houston Strong

Artemis Greenleaf


Hurricane harrrrrrvey….
What a cruel and heartless thief!
To have stolen peace

Ramona Harper


Sad flooded Islands
Brave under the dark skies
Pure Human love shone

Lisa Hogan


Reservoirs filling
anticipating islands
of guilt or worse grief

Jessica Holland


When winds whip wildly,
Water wages wrathful war,
Writing wrenching wrongs.

J.C. Roberts



Closer and higher
Fear is measured by water
Inches makes me sigh

Leila Tualla


torrential downpour
our sense of security
washed away, downstream

T. Haven Morse


Deluge of forecasts
tight smiles as wooden trains chug-
taste fear and raisins

Patricia Flaherty Pagan



We have been so humbled by the response to this project and hope that all affected by hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters continue to use their words for healing. As always, here at Spider Road Press, we are community-minded and charity-supporting. 5% of all of our proceeds go to charities like the Houston Area Women’s Center – who has done so much for flood victims this month. Thank you to them, our writers, and our readers. Keep writing, keep reading, keep healing!

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