Our Indiegogo Campaign

Thank you to our donors!

Thank you to our donors!

We did it!

Thank you! Because of you, our amazing donors, we are going to have a strong 2016! We appreciate your support from the bottom of our hearts.

We will be publishing Approaching Footsteps: Four Novellas by Women, a compendium of four smart, suspenseful novellas. Thanks to our supporters, we can now afford to employ top-notch designers and consultants to make this our best collection yet. Through increased distribution, marketing and library donations, we can share this excellent fiction about complex women with many new readers.

What Our Donors Will Soon Receive:

Discover our exclusive collection of  poetry by women.

Discover our exclusive collection of poetry by women.


We value every donation that was made, no matter how small – and we have a range of thank-you gifts heading out to donors this November:

  • Eve’s Requiem, Spider Road Press’s 2014 book of chilling fiction – perfect for Halloween.
  • Mix-and-match sets of Spider Road Press books, in print or digital format.
  • An exclusive copy of In the Questions, a collection of poetry by women only available through our IndieGogo campaign. Enjoy poems by established poets such as Shae Savoy, Catherine Edmunds, Andrea Barbosa & Teresa Mei Chuc, as well as emerging poets such as Karen Marinaccio, Eileen Brunetto, Melissa Algood and Gay Yellen.
  • A steel Spider Road Press travel mug – proudly display your support of independent publishing.
  • A striking art poster of a Virginia Woolfe quotation by the artists at Obvious State.
  • A bundle of beloved books by famous female short story writers, such as Alice Munro and Flannery O’Connor.
  • A custom art commission by Genevieve Smith, an artist featured in our exclusive poetry collection In the Questions.
  • Short Story Editing by editor-in-chief Patricia Flaherty Pagan.
  • Literary-themed dining at unique Houston bistros.

Our Impact:

The world is full of complex, diverse women, so books and ebooks should be full of them, too. It’s time that women saw the joy, pain aSpider Road Press meetingnd complexity of their lives reflected on more pages. Our donors are helping us make that possible. At Spider Road Press, we are honored to publish and promote both established and emerging writers who bring she-roes to life. Through our anthologies, we are able to offer readers a glimpse into many perspectives. Through our contest, we celebrate precise stories about multifaceted women. In all of our projects, we make an effort to take a chance on new writers with unique voices.

Through our 5% for healing program, we put our values into action by donating to vital organizations such as The Houston Area Women’s Center and Disabled American Veterans. Because of our generous supporters, we can continue these donations despite the ups and downs in the market for niche publishers. We are very grateful!

Missed Our Indiegogo Campaign?

There Are Other Ways That You Can Help!

If you couldn’t contribute, but still want to help, we appreciate that. We’re writers and teachers too, so we understand that people in the arts and education often can’t make cash donations. Here are some other ways you can support us and our mission:

  • Share information about our website. Get the word out and make some noise – you never know whose interest might be piqued.
  • Like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and share information about our books and events.
  • Remind fellow readers that they can buy the paperback versions of our fiction books from this website’s bookstore tab. Shopping for our books on Amazon is very convenient, but affects our bottom line.
  • And finally – if you know a talented writer who wants to be published, let them know about Spider Road Press and our calls for submissions. Who knows? They might be writing about the complex, diverse female characters that we love. They could become the next member of the Spider Road Press family of writers.

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